Friday, May 2, 2008

BMW Accelerates with SEO and Online Marketing

Below is a link to an interesting article about the strategy BMW has taken for their new 1 Series. A few things really stand out to me. The first is that about 50% of the budget is going online. This is big. They are utilizing social media, PPC, SEO, banner placements and viral tactics to generate a buzz among the 30 and under crowd. I'll go on a limb and say that this will work for them. They are also using non-traditional placements within traditional media to stand out. It is the effort and follow through on doing something different that is worth noting. You don't have to be BMW or have a large and expensive ad agency to be dynamic in your thinking. If you are an agency person, challenge your clients, if you are a client, challenge your agency -If you want to get noticed, get out there and do something different.

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Jamie G. said...

I agree. There are so many traditional print placements these days that dynamic formats and online placements are a great way to break through the clutter. This is also a way for companies with limited advertising dollars to make a bigger impact on a smaller budget.