Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coors Light: Great Use of New Media Advertising

In PR, my number one rule is Know Your Audience. I give major props to Coors for going far beyond traditional advertising placements and exploring today's social media outlets. There's a huge audience overlap between young (21+) beer drinkers and social networking users (think Facebook and MySpace). Read more in this New York Times article.


Scott_L said...

It is a brave new world out there - this presents great opportunities for clients to do something that gets noticed and for agencies to show their thinking and creativity. Everyone is breaking new ground - it boils down to knowing your customer, being creative and finding the technology resources to deliver the ideas. Putting these ideas to work requires that people take some chances. Clients and agencies need to find the time to develop these ideas and then have the courage to divert money from more traditional ad spends. The beauty is measurability and the bottom line is there is HUGE upside for the brands that break through.

Brandon Pope said...

The key to this entire Code Blue on the web deal is by being CREATIVE and not stopping a great idea because they didn't think it could be done. As a creative, leaving yourself without boundaries ,especially technical ones, I think could really help an agency as a whole. Keep pushing the limits and know your client, then go beyond what they would expect! In the end a great idea is only as good as how far you take it. Overall great campaign!